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Selecting a Design and Construction Team

When should a design and construction team be selected?

It is best to involve professionals from the design and construction industry from the conception of a project. Qualified professionals can assist by speaking to appropriate government personnel and avoid wasted time, assist in developing a realistic construction budget and schedule, and can contribute information founded on historical data generated from successful design and construction of similar scope projects.

What qualifications should the design and construction team possess?

Many firms claim to be professionals in multiple types of construction. It is best to find a firm that maintains high involvement and daily interaction in the particular type of project you wish to undertake. The team should maintain proper licensure by local and state jurisdictions. The professionals you select should be honest, safety conscious, reliable and financially sound. The firm should remain flexible to accommodate your timeframe and project specific needs.

What should I ask the design and construction team?

  1. Provide a list of similar projects constructed.
  2. Provide a list of references.
  3. Who will be the key personnel involved in the project?
  4. What fee structure will be used for the project?
  5. How were punch list and follow-up concerns addressed?


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